Here’s the promo trailer for the Sept. 22 episode of The Secret Circle, which is titled “Bound.” Images from the episode can be found here. Read more
After months of you all being forced to read about The Secret Circle here on KSiteTV before actually seeing the show… it’s finally time for the show to premiere on The CW! Look for it at 9PM tonight following the season opener of The Vampire Diaries. Here’s a load... Read more
Earlier this year, a six-minute preview of the Secret Circle pilot was released, and it contained a lot of what we’d see tonight when the episode airs on The CW. If you’d like to see some screen captures… thanks to Mr. Video, we have… a lot of them. Enjoy! Read more
The CW’s Secret Circle premieres on television tomorrow – and to get viewers ready for it, they have created a special video featurette about the show. Enjoy: You can see images of this very pretty cast here. Read more
Can’t wait until Thursday, September 15 to see the series premiere of The Secret Circle? The pilot has been released on iTunes a few days early – and for FREE! If you’re a fan of genre shows like The Vampire Diaries, Smallville, and Supernatural, this show should be right... Read more
The CW had their Fall 2011 launch party tonight which was sponsored by Bing. KSiteTV was in attendance, and we were able to get quotes about several of the network’s shows, including Nikita, Ringer, and The Secret Circle. On top of several tables was this Secret Circle promo card... Read more
The CW has released (and in some cases, re-released) some Secret Circle video previews to promote the series premiere, which airs on Thursday, September 15. Some of these may be new to you, but if they’re not… don’t hate :) And don’t forget to visit our Secret Circle forum! Read more
The CW just released this new photo of Louis Hunter (Nick Armstrong) from The Secret Circle, which premieres in less than 10 days! Could this be an image that they forgot to put out earlier, or a sign that more are coming? Either way, it’s added to the previously-released... Read more

The Secret Circle Episode 2 “Bound” Images!

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The CW has released these new individual cast promo shots of the cast of their new series, The Secret Circle. The show premieres in just two weeks – on September 15! Talk about The Secret Circle on our forum and read more Secret Circle coverage here at KSiteTV! Read more