Supernatural “Good Intentions” Photos: Bobby’s Back

Photos and description for the Supernatural episode “Good Intentions” featuring Jim Beaver as Bobby Singer

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Supernatural Photos: Bobby’s Back in “Safe House”

Preview images for the Supernatural episode “Safe House” featuring the return of Jim Beaver as Bobby

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Supernatural Season Premiere Description: Guess Who’s Back?
You probably know the answer to the question posed in this headline, if you’ve seen the images The CW has released from the October 8 season premiere of Supernatural, which is called “I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here.” If not, the official description from The CW probably gives... Read more
Supernatural: Jeremy Carver On Season 9 And [Spoiler]’s Return

Interview with Jeremy Carver, Executive Producer of The CW’s Supernatural

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Video: Robert Singer Previews Supernatural “Of Grave Importance”

Robert Singer previews this weeks’ new Supernatural episode, titled Of Grave Importance

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Supernatural “Of Grave Importance” Preview Clip

Preview clip for the April 20 episode of Supernatural

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Supernatural #7.19 “Of Grave Importance” Images!

The CW has released a number of images from the Friday, April 20 episode of Supernatural, featuring a familiar face.

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