V Renewed For Season 2

V May 13, 2010

The new incarnation of V has done something the original series couldn’t – it has been renewed for a second season by ABC! No more details are available yet, but we should know more when ABC announces their Fall 2010 schedules next week. Anyone want to take bets that... Read more
ABC has put in a series order for the Michael Chiklis superhero-family TV pilot No Ordinary Family. Above you can see the first promo picture, featuring Chiklis with Romany Malco. Great news… although the title is still too close to Modern Family for my tastes. You can read more... Read more
No doubt due to the show’s less than happy ratings, ABC has decided to pull Happy Town for a few weeks after tonight’s episode. Look for the show to return in June for what will likely be its final episodes. Read more
Both THR and Deadline.com have posted updated tallies of how certain pilots are doing, including a few that are being covered here at KSiteTV. At NBC, both say The Rockford Files has good chances, although Deadline says that the network has not seen the pilot yet. It sounds like... Read more
ABC has released a short official description and images from the 11th episode of V. You can find them at VisitorSite.net. Read more
Thanks to SycloneFX, here’s the promo trailer for the April 27 episode of ABC’s V: For more on V drop by VisitorSite.net Read more
ABC has released an official network description and images from “Hearts and Minds,” the May 7 episode of V. You can find them at VisitorSite.net. Read more
Here is ABC’s official description for The Gates, a new series they will be airing this summer, starting on June 20: Nestled inside a private mountain community are The Gates. The image of perpetual suburban bliss, each street is lined with perfectly manicured homes protected by the massive iron... Read more
ABC has released an official write-up describing their “family-with-powers” pilot No Ordinary Family, which is currently filming. While a description has been released it won’t be known if it actually lands on the schedule until May. Here’s that description: The Powells are pretty much your average, everyday American family.... Read more
Here’s ABC’s official description for the April 8 episode of Flashforward: MARK AND VOGEL TRY TO UNCOVER THE FBI MOLE, AND KEIKO CONTINUES HER SEARCH IN LOS ANGELES FOR BRYCE, ON ABC’S “FLASHFORWARD” “Queen Sacrifice” – Mark and Vogel put a plan into action to uncover the FBI mole,... Read more