S.W.A.T.: Details About The Season 4 Premiere S.W.A.T.: Details About The Season 4 Premiere
Details and guest cast list for the S.W.A.T. Season 4 premiere episodes "3 Seventeen Year Olds" and "Stakeout" S.W.A.T.: Details About The Season 4 Premiere

S.W.A.T. returns with new episodes and a two-hour season premiere Wednesday, November 11 on CBS, and the network has released descriptions including guest cast lists for the two opening episodes which are titled “3 Seventeen Year Olds” and “Stakeout.”

The season premiere “3 Seventeen Year Olds” is written by Executive Producer Aaron Rahsaan Thomas and airs at 9PM (ET/PT). In it, Hondo, his father Daniel Sr. (Obba Babatund√©) and his teen charge Darryl (Deshae Frost) confront the history of racial tension in Los Angeles between law enforcement and the Black community, through flashbacks to the city in 1992 following the Rodney King verdict. Also, the SWAT team pursues El Diablo’s scattered drug cartel hiding in the city and a Jihadist group detonating bombs in coordinated attacks. Guest stars include Donald Dash as 17-year-old Hondo and Rico E. Anderson as younger Daniel Sr..

Then at 10PM ET/PT in “Stakeout,” the SWAT team acts as a domestic surveillance unit for the CIA to confirm whether an international crime lord has resurfaced in Los Angeles after being off-grid for years. Also, Tan’s mother, Chan Fei (Susan Chuang), is a victim of racial discrimination, and Hondo encounters his ex-girlfriend Nichelle (Rochelle Aytes), for the first time since their breakup.

S.W.A.T. stars Shemar Moore (Daniel “Hondo” Harrelson), Alex Russell (Jim Street), Jay Harrington (David “Deacon” Kay), Lina Esco (Christina “Chris” Alonso), Kenny Johnson (Dominique Luca), David Lim (Victor Tan), Patrick St. Esprit (Commander Robert Hicks), and Amy Farrington (Lieutenant Piper Lynch).

Recurring cast appearing in the season premiere episodes includes Bre Blair (Annie Kay), Obba Babatundé (Daniel Harrelson, Sr.), Deshae Frost (Darryl), Rochelle Aytes (Nichelle), Susan Chuang (Chan Fei), Chris L. McKenna (DEA Agent Simons), and David Gautreaux (Edward Yannick).

Guest stars in “3 Seventeen Year Olds” include Donald Dash (Young Hondo), Rico E. Anderson (Young Daniel Sr.), Dahlia Salem (Agent Bashir), Kurt Caceras (Lego), Deja Soufka (Salim), Lynette Dupree (Ms. Hattie), Kalea McNeill (Abena), and Demetrius Hodges (Stokely).

The guest cast list for “Stakeout” includes Briana Venskus (Agent Prebble), Alex Feldman (The Mailman), Michael Klesic (Timur), Vladimir Kulich (Radek), Makai Dudeck (Mischa), Stacey Hinnen (Oliver), Jenny Steadman (Linda), and Michelle N. Carter (Officer Schmidt).


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