Swamp Thing Photos: “The Anatomy Lesson” Swamp Thing Photos: “The Anatomy Lesson”
Preview images for the Swamp Thing episode "The Anatomy Lesson" Swamp Thing Photos: “The Anatomy Lesson”

Episode 9 of Swamp Thing is headed our way this Friday, July 26 on DC Universe, and it shares a title with the classic Alan Moore story – “The Anatomy Lesson!”

Here’s how DC Universe describes it:

After being captured and taken to a Conclave facility, Swamp Thing is experimented upon by Jason Woodrue, who makes an incredible discovery. Meanwhile, Abby and Liz track down the secret facility to free Swamp Thing. And Daniel Cassidy makes a fateful decision based on a possible future that the Phantom Stranger shows him.

Michael Goi directed the episode from a story by Daniel Stewart and Noah Griffith. The teleplay was written by Mark Verheiden. Guest stars in the episode include Ian Ziering as Daniel Cassidy/Blue Devil, Selena Anduze as Caroline Woodrue, Al Mitchell as Delroy Tremayne, Macon Blair as Phantom Stranger, and Jason Davis as Dr. Barclay.

Preview images for the episode can be seen below.


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