Swamp Thing Episode 6 Photos: “The Price You Pay” Swamp Thing Episode 6 Photos: “The Price You Pay”
Preview images, spoilers, and guest star list for Swamp Thing Episode 6 "The Price You Pay" Swamp Thing Episode 6 Photos: “The Price You Pay”

“The Price You Pay” is the title of a new episode of Swamp Thing dropping July 5 on DC Universe, and they’ve released some photos and a description to promote it!

Here’s how the episode is described:

Increasingly alienated from humanity after being hunted by sheriff’s deputies and animal trackers, Swamp Thing struggles to understand his strange condition. Reassuring him that they will find a cure for his condition, Abby and Swamp Thing are discovered by Matt who learns the truth about Alec Holland. Meanwhile, Avery pressures Woodrue to deliver results, which escalates his experiments with Swamp Thing’s genetic materials and leads him to a test on Daniel Cassidy; while Lucilia Cable gets some perspective on her son’s recent actions.

Some photos can be found below. Toa Fraser directed the episode which was written by Tania Lotia. Guest stars in the episode include Selena Anduze as Caroline Woodrue, Macon Blair as the Phantom Stranger, Scott Dekcert as Mike, and Laurie Fortier as Fraser.


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