Swamp Thing Character Breakdowns Surface Swamp Thing Character Breakdowns Surface
Swamp Thing character breakdowns for the DC Universe original series have surfaced. Swamp Thing Character Breakdowns Surface

Two character breakdowns have surfaced for the upcoming Swamp Thing series which, if it happens, will arrive on the DC Universe streaming service in 2019. (The show has a script to series order at DC Universe.)

The breakdowns come courtesy of That Hashtag Show and detail a few lead characters that we all expected to see, just with more details.

Per THS, the show is casting Abby Arcane, who is described as “a 30-something intelligent woman who is a bit of a lone wolf.” She works for the Center for Disease Control, and they assign her to investigate the “Houma Flu” in her hometown of Houma. Abby has a tragic past: She lost her mother at age 8 and moved between multiple foster familieis. After high school, she left Houma to pursue a medical career. She performs well in the job but has a power struggle with her employer. Tragedy caused Abby to leave Houma — something that she’s kept secret which also has caused her to develop a pill addiction.

When she left, things were awkward between Abby and her ex-boyfriend Matt Cable, who is another character from early Swamp Thing comics. He’s now a cop in Houma. When she returns to town, she befriends Sunderland Corporation researcher Alec Holland and they work together to investigate the “Houma Flu,” an activity that is not appreciated by the people of the town when they suggest that the swamp should be shut down temporarily. (The people of the town make their living from the swamp.) Abby has to deal with the possible epidemic and also begins an odd Shape of Water type romance with a creature that has been born in the swamp.

Alec Holland is the other lead being cast. He’s described as “a 30-something wise man,with a hot temper and a big passion for his work” as a researcher for the Sunderland Corporation. The Corporation is building a hospital in Houma, and Alec immediately forms a bond with Abby when she comes to town. They aer both very similar: They are invested in science and don’t care too much about having a love life. Alec discovers the connection between the “Houma Flu” and the swamp. Things go haywire when Alec is transformed into a swamp-like creature with extraordinary abilities.

Swamp Thing is coming from Executive Producer James Wan and writers Mark Verheiden and Gary Dauberman who will also serve as showrunners. The notion that casting breakdowns are coming out show they are very serious in making this happen, and should be taken as a very good sign. Follow our @SwampThingTV Twitter feed for updates on the series as they become available!


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