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Supernatural – Titles For The First Nine Episodes Of Season 7

Many of these titles were already known to fans, but thanks to Andreas, we now have a compiled list of the first nine episodes of Supernatural Season 7.

Season 7 begins Friday, September 23 on The CW.

#7.1 "Meet the New Boss"
#7.2 "Hello, Cruel World"
#7.3 "The Girl Next Door"
#7.4 "Defending Your Life"
#7.5 "Shut Up, Dr. Phil"
#7.6 "Slash Fiction"
#7.7 "The Mentalists"
#7.8 "Season Seven, Time for a Wedding!"
#7.9 "How To Win Friends And Influence People"

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  1. IDK the episode titles just aren't the same as the first seasons titles
    They dont seem scary like S1:"Skin" "Bloody Mary" "Scarecrow" "Windingo"
    I still love supernatural
    it just seems like its not really about the monsters as much as Sam and Dean own personal life
    Still can't wait :D
    Like S1 "Hookman" - okay i now its about the hookman legend
    S7 "Shut Up, Dr. Phil" - WTF! what kind of episode title is that for supernatural???? and what can it possibly be about?? i bet its not really about a monster

  2. Some great titles there. I think the titles have gotten better over the course of the show. Season 1 had too many one word names that were very simple and kinda boring. "Shut Up, Dr. Phil" sounds cool, along the lines of season 4's "Criss Angel Is A Douchebag". Very interested in "Slash Fiction" and "Season Seven, Time For A Wedding!".

  3. Man, am I interested to see "Slash fiction." Uuuuum....:D
    Also "Shut up, Dr. Phil" and "Season Sevon, Time for a Wedding!"
    I mean WTF but I love you guys!

  4. this titles sound disapointting, not serious they keeping up the stupid fanservice. Wish they'd stop that; slash fiction sounds like they're trying to hard for that.

  5. @tar, agree with you. we get it, wincest is pretty big in the supernatural fan base, but it's getting kinda old.

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