Supernatural Season Premiere Review: Family Lost, Connections Found Supernatural Season Premiere Review: Family Lost, Connections Found
Advance review of the Supernatural Season 13 premiere "Lost and Found" Supernatural Season Premiere Review: Family Lost, Connections Found

The 13th season of The CW’s Supernatural kicks off tonight (October 12) at 8PM ET/PT on The CW, and you would think that being a show in its 13th year it would have some trouble being fresh. This season premiere “Lost and Found,” at least for me, was quite the opposite.

What works best about the Supernatural season premiere is that, even though it picks up directly where Season 12 left off, it feels like a new story and a fresh start. A lot went down in the Season 12 finale, and now Sam and Dean have to pick up the pieces, and, Chuck willing, someday get some miracle to save their loved ones. Of course, things don’t always go as they always should for the Winchesters, and the end of last season had the brothers coming face to face with the literal son of Satan, “Jack,” magically aged to teenhood and played by Alexander Calvert (Arrow).

Calvert seems to weave easily into the world of the show and portrays Jack as somewhat of a cross between the main character in the movie and TV series Starman and the more naive sides of Misha Collins’ Castiel. What also makes his character work well is that he brings out different sides of both Dean and Sam — Dean just wants to eliminate the threat, whereas Sam, in his own ways, can identify with Jack a lot. After all, until her resurrection Sam lost his mother early in life, too. It brings a conflict between the brothers while at the same time they both seem to know what to do. Sam and Dean also have different reactions to their recent losses, with Dean sure that Mary is gone forever and Sam holding out hope at a time when Dean seems to be losing his.

If you’ve tuned out on Supernatural, it’s very easy to pick up with this story and the current status of every character is pretty much explained. I’m really interested in seeing where the Jack character goes; in some ways I think “the son of Lucifer” would make for an interesting spinoff of its own, actually… but most of all, again, I like that for 13 years the Winchesters have continued to carry on. Even with Jack present, and Lucifer out there in another realm, this story is about the Winchester brothers, and I like that.

Oh, and hey: Riverdale’s Rob Raco (Joaquin!) is in this premiere! Bonus!

“Lost and Found” airs tonight on The CW; our forum for discussing the episode can be found here! Also, check out Craig Byrne’s coverage of the Jared Padalecki Supernatural Q&A at ComicBook!

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