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Supernatural Season 8 Titles: The List Is Updated Through #8.10

The season premiere of Supernatural is now only a few weeks away, and hopefully you’ve seen the gallery of images The CW has released from the premiere. The show is moving to Wednesdays at 9PM, where it will be paired with what is sure to be a huge hit for The CW, Arrow.

Thanks to Andreas, we now have titles through the ninth and tenth episodes of Season 8, as well as an update for Episode #8.8. We’re assuming the new title, “Hunteri Heroici,” is the new title, even though “Dean Amuck” was a pretty cool title that made us think of Daffy.

Here’s the current list:

#8.1 “We Need To Talk About Kevin”
#8.2 “What’ Up, Tiger Mommy?”
#8.3 “Heartache”
#8.4 “Bitten”
#8.5 “Blood Brother”
#8.6 “Southern Comfort”
#8.7 “A Little Slice Of Kevin”
#8.8 “Hunteri Heroici” aka “Dean Amuck” (Apparent Title Change)
#8.9 “Citizen Fang”
#8.10 “Don’t Stop Believing”

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  1. With each bit and piece of information given recently season 8 looks more and more promising. Hats off to the CW for bringing Mr. Carver back on board. Am wondering if Rachel Miner (Meg) will be back as I thought her storyline with Cas was interesting/humorous and would like to see it continued.