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Supernatural: More Season 8 Episode Titles Revealed

Supernatural returns with new episodes on January 16 -- don't worry, it's not that far away! -- and after that, it sounds like we have some interesting episodes on the horizon, if some titles are anything to go by.

Thanks to Andreas, we now have a handful of upcoming episode titles. No Kevin puns this time! Here's what's coming up, with the titles, of course, subject to change.

#8.10 "Torn and Frayed" (Tentative Air Date: 1/16/13) (formerly known as "Don't Stop Believing")
#8.11 "LARP And The Real Girl" (1/23/13)
#8.12 "As Time Goes By" (at one time known as "Somewhere In Time")
#8.13 "Everyone Hates Hitler"
#8.14 "Trial and Error" (formerly known as "Black Dog")
#8.15 "Man's Best Friend With Benefits"
#8.16 "Remember The Titans"
#8.17 "Goodbye Stranger"

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