Supernatural “Man’s Best Friend With Benefits” Trailer & Preview Clip!Supernatural “Man’s Best Friend With Benefits” Trailer & Preview Clip!
Trailer and clip from the Supernatural episode Man's Best Friend With Benefits Supernatural “Man’s Best Friend With Benefits” Trailer & Preview Clip!

After tonight’s airing of Supernatural, The CW showed a promo trailer for the next episode of the series, which is titled “Man’s Best Friend With Benefits.” Here’s the promo:

And now, thanks to CWPromoDude, we have a preview clip from the episode already:

In the episode, there’s a police officer named Kevin… no, not that Kevin… who turned to witchcraft after working a case with Sam and Dean. Now, he’s having nightmares where he murders innocent people. They’re just dreams, right? Well, now these murders are actually happening, and the Winchester brothers are called in by Kevin’s “familiar” to help. The brothers, however, aren’t sure if they want to save a witch.

Below you can find some promo shots from the episode, and if you’d like to come talk about this week’s episode, “Trial and Error,” swing by our Supernatural forum!


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