Supernatural: Jeremy Carver On Season 9 And [Spoiler]’s Return Supernatural: Jeremy Carver On Season 9 And [Spoiler]’s Return
Interview with Jeremy Carver, Executive Producer of The CW's Supernatural Supernatural: Jeremy Carver On Season 9 And [Spoiler]’s Return

my2_1615_rtWe’re a little less than two months away from The CW’s October 8 season premiere of Supernatural, but that won’t keep us from posting more interviews from last month’s Comic-Con International in San Diego.

At the Supernatural press room at SDCC, we spoke to Executive Producer Jeremy Carver about what we have to expect.

“It’s something of a broken landscape the boys are coming into here, because the normal constructs they’ve become used to, the King of Hell in Hell, and the angels in Heaven, that’s not there anymore. Part of it is their fault, part of it is Castiel’s fault, so in the gap of a real big Big Bad, there are Big Bads, but it’s a little different from seasons past. It’s a little more diversified, in that each of our characters are going through a pretty significant, almost ‘who am I?’ journey here. Castiel’s dealing with humans, Crowley is dealing with being a captive and not being in control, and the boys are dealing with other things which I can’t really get into,” Carver hinted in the press room.

“I know it isn’t the sexy pitch, but we’re really digging into our characters here, and we’re hopefully rounding them out in a way that folks haven’t even seen yet, and that, for me, having been on the show several years, it’s a real fun place to be. I think for all of the demons and demons and everything, I think that’s what the fans hopefully respond to most, are these characters,” he said.

In addition to Sam, Dean, Crowley, and Castiel, we will also be seeing the return of an old favorite — Jim Beaver’s Bobby. Beaver broke the news on Twitter several weeks ago, and Carver confirmed that Bobby’s return is, indeed, really happening.

Weekend at Bobby’s“Quick backstory on that: When Jim came back last year, we asked him to keep it a secret, and it was a real pain in the butt for him. He had to be secretive going up to Vancouver and back, and so this year he said ‘Do I have to keep it a secret this year?’ I was talking to Bob Singer, and we were like ‘I don’t think he is.’ And then like three minutes later, it’s everywhere! I said ‘let me just check out exactly who he was talking to,’ and I go on his Twitter feed and I realize that he’s got 275,000 followers. I’m like ‘Oh. Okay!’ When he says ‘release the news,’ that’s going out there! He also said that he comes back in a way that we don’t expect, and that’s very much true, and also, I think it’s been a concern to some folks: He comes back in a way that’s very respectful of our mythology. We’re not simply killing someone and then bringing him back. This all fits correctly into the lore and the mythology, and we’re not bringing him back for kicks or ratings. It’s really a very powerful return for him,” Carver explained.

Supernatural Season 9 begins October 8 on The CW. Take a look at some of our other Supernatural interviews!

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