Supernatural Interview: Robert Singer On Season 9 Supernatural Interview: Robert Singer On Season 9
Interview with Robert Singer, Executive Producer of The CW's Supernatural Supernatural Interview: Robert Singer On Season 9

Good news and bad news: The good news is we still had another Supernatural Season 9 interview left to share from this year’s press room at the Comic-Con International in San Diego. The bad news is… this is the last interview we got at this year’s Comic-Con!

This last interview is with Robert Singer, the show’s Executive Producer who has been with the series since the beginning. It wasn’t possible to get detailed spoilers out of him, but we did get some teases at the table.

The Great Escapist“Without giving too much away, as Jeremy said at the panel, last year they put themselves above their mission,” Singer told us when comparing Season 9 to the previous year. “That’s going to have a price, and that price is going to affect Sam in a certain way, and it’s going to affect Dean in a very emotional and almost guilt-ridden way,” he teased.

“The arc this year is much more multi-layered than in the past. When we start a season, we try to say, very loosely ‘what’s the movie this year? What’s the story this year?’ A couple years ago we said ‘all right, we’re going to do a season-long mystery.’ Last year was sort of an Indiana Jones quest ‘movie’ for the entire year. This year is very multi-layered; we don’t really have a movie or a story in mind,” Singer explained. “We just have a lot of balls in the air, and a lot of stories that are separate and apart from Sam and Dean, and of course they’ll get integrated into those stories. The angels falling, Crowley incapacitated, what’s going to happen with Abaddon. We have demon on demon stories, angel on angel stories, and the boys are sort of in the middle of this maelstrom. There’s a thing that happens very early on in the first episode that really informs the Sam and Dean relationship, certainly at least through halfway through the season.”

my2_1454_rtSinger credits the show’s ability to “keep fresh” as the reason he’s stayed on the series for so long. “That’s something that we try to do every year,” he confirmed. “We say ‘all right. How are we going to make this year different than last?’ Or ‘how are we going to develop these characters to a place we haven’t seen them before?’ We’ve kept that ball afloat for 170-whatever episodes. It’s a testament to the writing staff, and good creative people putting their heads together and coming up with new stuff. Last year we were really excited; Jeremy came on, and it was really a shot in the arm for us, and this year, we have a terrific writing staff mostly returning, and our story, we’re really happy with and excited to get going.”

Supernatural Season 9 premieres Tuesday, October 8 on The CW. Read some of our other interviews related to the show!


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