Supernatural: “Inside Man” Official CW Description Supernatural: “Inside Man” Official CW Description
Official CW description for the Supernatural episode Inside Man Supernatural: “Inside Man” Official CW Description

The CW has released an official description for the Wednesday, April 1 episode of Supernatural… and it might be one of the shortest descriptions ever written to promote the show.

SN1015A_0255bThe episode is called “Inside Man,” and here’s how they describe it:

DEAN AND ROWENA FACE OFF AGAINST EACH OTHER — Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Castiel (Misha Collins) follow up on a lead about the Mark of Cain. Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Rowena (guest star Ruth Connell) meet. Rashaad Ernesto Green directed this episode written by Andrew Dabb Buckner (#1017). Original airdate 4/1/2015.

Don’t forget – Supernatural moves to Wednesdays starting March 18 on The CW.


Craig Byrne, Editor-In-Chief

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