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Supernatural: Five Things About “We Need To Talk About Kevin”

The Season 8 premiere of Supernatural airs Wednesday night, October 3 on The CW — but the more pressing question about it is… is it any good?

The answer is “yes.” Moreso, it’ll be a perfect companion for Arrow in a one-two punch of tough guys kicking @$$. One could even go so far as to say that Oliver Queen’s experiences marooned on an island are similar to the times Dean has down in Purgatory.

Without spoiling too much, here are a few tidbits:

Remember that preview clip? That comes very, very early on in the episode, so we don’t have to wait a long time for Sam and Dean to be reunited.

Sam breaks one of the great rules of the Impala. Sam has restored and fixed the Impala, but there is one thing he does in the car during Dean’s absence that he gets a particular lecture for.

The dialogue is witty. Jeremy Carver returns to the series as showrunner this time, and he throws in some great one-liners, not just coming from Dean. The mixture between seriousness and light really works.

Allies in Purgatory. Dean meets a new ally in Purgatory named Benny who is quite an interesting individual. Benny offers Dean an alliance — but is he to be trusted? Castiel, on the other hand, goes unseen.

The focus is on the brothers. While characters like Kevin do factor into the events, Sam and Dean — and their brotherly relationship — are front and center. We learn why Sam left hunting behind, and we see Dean’s reaction to that.

All in all, “We Need To Talk About Kevin” looks like a return to form for the show. Although the experiences of Sam and Dean affect their current behavior, it seems like something that they will grow past, whereas past plotlines like “soulless Sam” seemed to go on a little bit longer than needed. There is an arc, and a journey, but also an opportunity for hope. I think this is going to be a good season.

Season 8 of Supernatural premieres Wednesday night at 9PM (ET) on The CW. See some of KSiteTV’s other Supernatural content and be sure to come by our Supernatural forum! Images from the episode be found below:


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  1. I loved last season’s first two episodes, but then it all went down the toilet in the 3rd episode. Once Sam’s life-threatening head injury and insanity were blown off in the first 10 minutes, I knew the season was on shaky ground, and it only ever got worse as time went on. I still can’t forgive the writers for failing Sam on such a massive scale.

  2. Sounds interesting and I love the focus on the brothers. But I hope it’s not a tease of like, “Well you got the brothers focus in episode one, you don’t get more of that in forever” The focus should always be on the brothers. It’s why I tune in.

  3. Totally agree with sam and junebug.
    I like the focus being on the brothers relationship, obviously, but I don’t really like how it seems to be that Sam didn’t even try to know where his brother disappeared .. it’s so OOC!
    Looking forward to knowing more about Benny.

  4. Oh, I really enjoyed reading this. Good job. So far every article I have read and every clip I have seen leads me to believe we will have a good season.

  5. Sounds awesome. Can’t wait.

  6. I really like the “The focus is on the brothers” part! Their bond is the main reason I watch the show and I really missed the last two seasons!
    In Carver we trust, LOL!

  7. So much agreement on the souless Sam story going on too long and I’m glad it was finally, finally ended.

    This season sounds good and I really hope that Dean has his own journey this time instead of having it cut short, dropped or gifted to other characters, usually Sam, as was done the past 7 years. So it’s good to see Dean with his own story and I hope it’s kept that way.

    The mystery of Dean, Cas and Benny is very interesting and it’s what’s getting me to watch Supernatural again. I gave up after the crappy ending of season 5. I hope Carver doesn’t disappoint like Gamble and Singer have in the past.