Supernatural Episode Titles Through The Season 7 Finale!Supernatural Episode Titles Through The Season 7 Finale!
More titles for upcoming Supernatural episodes including the season finale Supernatural Episode Titles Through The Season 7 Finale!

Thanks to Andreas, we have titles for the rest of Supernatural Season 7!

Some of these have, obviously, already been revealed, with “Out With The Old” being the title of the first new episode back, on March 16. You can see some images from the episode here. A week after that, on March 23, Episode #7.17 is “The Born-Again Identity” and sees the return of Castiel, and “Party On, Garth” on March 30 has the return of DJ Qualls.

And what’s after that?

Episode #7.19 is called “Of Grave Importance,” #7.20 is “The Girl With The Dungeons And Dragons Tattoo,” #7.21 is “Reading Is Fundamental,” #7.22 is “There Will Be Blood,” and the bonus 23rd episode of Supernatural Season 7 – which also serves as the season finale – is at least for now called “Get Dick.”

An official announcement about Supernatural Season 8 has not yet been made but most of us can probably take the lack of “final season” talk as a good sign that the show will be back for an eighth year.

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