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Revised Supernatural “Out With The Old” Promo Reveals March 16 Return Date

The first version of The CW’s Supernatural “Out With The Old” promo trailer, which aired this past Friday night, had listed a return date of March 9 for the show…. but now The CW has officially released a revised version, which lists March 16 as the date we should put on our calendars for the return of the show AND the return of Misha Collins’ Castiel. (EDIT: Thanks to a commenter who has pointed out to us that Misha’s episode is likely the 17th, airing on March 20… though he is still in this promo!)

It’s an extra week’s wait, but on the bright side, it might also mean fewer hiatus times as the show gets closer to the end of Season 7.

Come talk Supernatural on the KSiteTV Forum! And Misha Collins fans — don’t miss him on Ringer tonight, February 21! Images from his episode can be found here.

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  1. This promo is a “combo” promo, meaning it glimpses the next coupe episodes that will air after a hiatus. Look back at those recent promo shown before the New Year that was a combo for ‘Time after Time’ and ‘Slice Girls’. Misha (Castiel) will return March 23 in episode 17 ‘The Born Again Identity’.