Misha Collins Talks Supernatural 300 Misha Collins Talks Supernatural 300
Actor Misha Collins previews the upcoming 300th episode of The CW's Supernatural Misha Collins Talks Supernatural 300

Episode 300 of Supernatural is headed our way in less than two weeks — Thursday, February 7 on The CW — and today we share another interview from the red carpet of a 300th episode celebration that was held back in November.

Today, the spotlight falls on Misha Collins who has played fan-favorite character Castiel on the series since Season 4.

“The 200th episode was a little bit of a meta romp. The 300th episode is going to be a little bit more reflective, and a little bit more poignant, a little bit more emotional than previous centennial episodes,” Collins explained when asked about Episode 300.

The episode is called “Lebanon” and in addition to a big character return, the episode will explore what the people of the town of Lebanon think of Sam, Dean, and Cas.

“I think that the townspeople [of Lebanon] might think that Cas and the boys are all weird Unabombers who live out in the hinterlands and do bad things, and they’re not entirely wrong, but I think the takeaway of the episode is going to be the some key figures in town are going to come around to embracing the boys and Cas,” Misha teased. “We’re going to see a little bit of time travel, and we’re going to be reunited with some key character and fan favorites. Tears will be shed, as well.”

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