Jared Padalecki Talks Episode 300 & The End Of Supernatural Jared Padalecki Talks Episode 300 & The End Of Supernatural
Jared Padalecki talks about Supernatural Season 300 and what it will be like when the series comes to an end. Jared Padalecki Talks Episode 300 & The End Of Supernatural

The 300th episode of Supernatural is headed our way Thursday, February 7 on The CW, and in the weeks leading to the big day, we will be sharing interviews from the carpet that happened before a 300th episode celebration in Vancouver that was held back in November.

Today the spotlight falls on “Sam Winchester” himself, Jared Padalecki, who with Jensen Ackles has starred in the series for 14 seasons.

We asked Jared to preview the 300th episode in our interview which was conducted before we knew that Jeffrey Dean Morgan was returning to the series for Episode 300.

“With 300 episodes, I feel for the writers, producers, and directors, in trying to figure out if they want to go full meta, and just a shout out to the fans, kind of like Episode 200, or if they want to make it into a great episode of Supernatural that anybody could watch, and kind of pepper in some shout outs to the fans,” Jared said.

“It seems like the latter, so I think the 300th episode could stand alone if you don’t even know the canon of the show very well. But it also has enough ‘secret little cookies’ in the episodes to make long-term fans to feel properly appreciated, and we see a lot of really cool reconciliations from characters that we didn’t expect to see,” he teased.

For a time there was talk that Supernatural might bow out once they get to the 300th episode, and obviously that is no longer the case.

As Jared explained:

“You know what happened? I think half the time, when you say that you hope 300 is the end, you’re really just hoping that means they’ll pick the show up until 300,” he said. “You’re hoping that means all of the big bosses will be like ‘well, we better give ’em ’til 300,’ when really you’re hoping ‘I hope we don’t get cancelled this season.’ I think for us, we kept reading the scripts, and they were still great.”

“Hopefully with a show like this, whenever the show does end, it’s going to be a sad, sad day… week… month… year. Hopefully it’s an agreed-upon understanding between the actors, and the crew, the producers, the writers, the executives… Like ‘hey. It’s been a good run. Let’s see where this is going, and let’s wander off into the woods and pass away happy, leaving something on the table.’ But we just kept on reading it, and they kept on being great, so we kept on trying to beg to do more,” he continued.

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