From Dean To Sam: Jared Padalecki Talks Early Supernatural Name Confusion From Dean To Sam: Jared Padalecki Talks Early Supernatural Name Confusion
Supernatural 200 Video interview with Jared Padalecki from the red carpet, where he talks about his Gilmore Girls character name conflicting with a Supernatural... From Dean To Sam: Jared Padalecki Talks Early Supernatural Name Confusion

The 200th episode of Supernatural airs on The CW Tuesday, November 11. The episode is called “Fan Fiction,” and as we get closer to that night, you’ll see a lot of interviews related to Supernatural here at KSiteTV, many from the 200th Episode Party Red Carpet in Vancouver, BC last month.

SNEventPicks-053rFor the show’s lead actors who have been there from the start, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, we’ll be splitting their interviews into parts, and we’re going to start at the very beginning… a time when Jensen had just completed a role as Lana Lang’s love interest on Smallville, and Jared was best known as the tall Dean Forrester on Gilmore Girls.

Yes, there was once a time when TV audiences knew Jared Padalecki as “Dean.”

Ten years later, we have to know: Did Jared ever get confused by the early scripts, forgetting that this time around, the other guy was Dean?

“Well, we still refer to Dean Forrester from Gilmore Girls as ‘the real Dean, the original Dean’,” Jared told us. “It was a quick learning curve. Originally, Jensen was on Smallville, I was on Gilmore Girls, and we get to the set of Supernatural, and they call you by your character name. So they’ll be like ‘okay, uh, Sam goes over there, Dean goes over there…’ and Jensen and I both started walking over… and inevitably, I had to be like [sad face] and kind of walk back to my spot. But quickly, Jensen established himself as Dean and I established myself as Sam, and I think we’re probably better for it.”

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