CBS Supergirl Pilot Casting: Faran Tahir To Play “The Commander”CBS Supergirl Pilot Casting: Faran Tahir To Play “The Commander”
Faran Tahir will be playing The Commander in The CBS Supergirl pilot. CBS Supergirl Pilot Casting: Faran Tahir To Play “The Commander”

Faran Tahir, who has appeared on shows including The Blacklist, Dallas and How To Get Away With Murder in recent months, will be playing a role in the CBS Supergirl pilot that is now shooting.

FaranTahirKSiteTV has gotten official confirmation that Tahir will be appearing in the pilot as a character known as “The Commander.” He is described as “an alien military expert leading the forces aligned against Supergirl.”

The character is a guest star in the pilot with the potential to recur in the series.

We’re not sure if “The Commander” has another name; though with a hairstyle like that, we could speculate on a major Superman-universe character he could possibly be… though, it says “an alien military expert,” which, unless it’s a typo, means he is an alien who is also a military expert… or is he a military expert on aliens, which would fit that bald guy’s profile?

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