Stitchers Sneak Peeks: “Perfect”Stitchers Sneak Peeks: “Perfect”
On the next episode of Stitchers, Linus figures out the cause of the issues in the stitches, while the team investigates the murder of... Stitchers Sneak Peeks: “Perfect”

After dancing around one another ever since they met, Kirsten and Cameron finally allowed themselves to embrace the feelings they have for one another. With Kirsten becoming more comfortable with feeling anything after years of suffering from temporal dysplasia and no significant others, be they well-meaning and innocent or nefarious and double-crossing, in the way, they were finally free to see what this could take them. Neither wanted to go through another near-death experience not knowing what they could’ve had if they only just spoke up and embraced the spark that existed between them. But what neither Kirsten nor Cameron expected was their feelings for one another negatively impacting the stitching process itself.

On the next episode of Stitchers, Linus discovers that Kirsten’s new relationship is the reason behind the neurosync issues in the stitches and that for her to remain safe and the stitching process itself to remain viable, she and Cameron have to set a limit on their intimacy. The more intimate they get, the more danger Kirsten is put in every time she stitches and she’s too important to the team (as a person) and the program (as a tool) for that to happen. This not only extends to their physical intimacy, given that issues with the stitches are already popping up and they haven’t even had sex yet, but their emotional intimacy, as well; they can’t become too close without compromising the integrity of the program and making it more difficult for Kirsten to reach her mother. But after waiting all this time to try and build a romantic relationship, how will Kirsten and Cameron deal with this latest roadblock?

Elsewhere on Stitchers, the Stitchers team investigates the murder of a high-profile divorce lawyer whose caustic way of doing business netted him quite a few enemies.

Stitchers airs Mondays at 9:00 on Freeform. You can check out photos from the next episode here.

How will not being able to consummate their relationship impact Kirsten and Cameron’s connection? Will Cameron be able to handle filling in for Maggie when she’s called to Washington? What happens if the first stitch without Maggie steering the ship goes wrong?

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