Stitchers Sneak Peeks: “Paternis” Stitchers Sneak Peeks: “Paternis”
On the next episode of Stitchers, Cameron deals with Maggie's return to the lab, as well as potentially deadly accusations against his father. Stitchers Sneak Peeks: “Paternis”

Since Kirsten came into his life, Cameron has spent much of his time with his head down in the program or helping her deal with issues relating to temporal dysplasia, her unfortunate parental situation, or the romantic vibes between them. Being tasked with leading a secret NSA program that puts his girlfriend in danger on a nearly daily basis, he’s not exactly had the time or energy to deal with his own emotional baggage. And yet, with his relationship with Kirsten on good terms and now that he’s feeling more confident about his position in the program as a whole, it might be time for him to work through issues relating to his past.

On the next episode of Stitchers, Cameron finds out that his father, already in prison for white collar crimes, has been accused of murdering a prison guard, something that, if he’s proven guilt for, could result in the death penalty. While his father is claiming self-defense, Cameron knows what kind of man his father in and isn’t exactly in a rush to believe him, not after everything that’s happened between them. His father might not have been violent, but he’s someone who’s shown to have no boundaries in terms of what he’s willing to do to get what he wants, so ruling out that this was, in fact, a murder will have to wait until the first stitch into the guard’s body. But even if Cameron proves himself to his father through the utilization of the stitching program to save his life, presuming that his father didn’t actually murder the guard, is there any chance of their relationship improving going forward?

Elsewhere on Stitchers, Maggie agrees to consider letting Ivy join the team, while someone kidnaps Kirsten’s mother, possibly out of fear that the stitchers team is getting too close to answers.

Stitchers airs Mondays at 9:00 on Freeform. You can check out photos from the next episode here, as well as synopses for the next few episodes here.

Do you think Cameron will be able to save his father? Will he even want to? How will the return of Maggie impact Kirsten and Cameron’s mission to start selecting their own cases?


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