Stitchers Cancelled by Freeform Stitchers Cancelled by Freeform
Freeform has opted to cancel cult sci-fi drama Stitchers after three seasons. The series finale aired Monday, August 14th. Stitchers Cancelled by Freeform

Sci-fi drama Stitchers has officially been cancelled by Freeform after three seasons.

The move comes as something of a surprise, given that Stitchers had been fairly steady in the ratings despite a long hiatus and still retained the passionate fan base that pushed it over the line in season two. In terms of live ratings, Stitchers averaged one one-hundredth lower than Famous in Love (which was renewed), two one-hundredths lower than The Bold Type (which looks good for a renewal), and three one-hundredths lower than Beyond (which was renewed), so the decision might’ve come down to buzz (which The Bold Type has more of) and the fact that Stitchers is a remnant of when Freeform was ABC Family. With Freeform doubling down on their nearly two-year-old rebrand, and with the network renewing (or about to renew) all three of its new dramas this year (vs. cancelling 3/4 of their newbies in 2016), there simply might not’ve been room for a marginal performer not developed under “Freeform” vs. “ABC Family”.

From Jeffrey Alan Schechter (Overruled!), Stitchers told the story of Kirsten Clark (Emma Ishta), a grad student who gets recruited into a secret government program designed to hack into the memories of the recently deceased. Once involved with the program, Kirsten begins to discover things about her life that she never would have expected and, with her temporal dysplasia lessening the more she stitches, get more in touch with the emotions that had been suppressed for over a decade.

In addition to Ishta, Stitchers starred Kyle Harris (The Carrie Diaries), Ritesh Rajan (The Jungle Book), Allison Scagliotti (Warehouse 13), Salli Richardson-Whitfield (Eureka), and Damon Dayoub (NCIS).

The series finale of Stitchers aired Monday, August 14th.


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