KSiteTV and the site network are looking for sponsors.

In this day and age, websites either end up being bought out by larger corporations that may or may not completely gut the sites and eventually shut them down, or they become clickbait fodder posting any “Stephen Amell tweets that he has a hangnail” headline they can find.

We don’t want to do that here at KSiteTV.

Unfortunately, web ads don’t pay what they used to and it’s become increasingly difficult to keep up. The site’s websmaster (that’s me, Craig!) has even taken on additional side work to ensure that this and the other websites in our network can remain a thing.

Earlier this year, we had our first sponsor to the site – Iron Will Productions – and now, their spot is available for new sponsors to the site.

What spot, you ask? Look to your right.

Sponsorship is available on a month-to-month basis, and will go in a position on the right-side sidebar (one may have to scroll to pass it on Mobile, though if a partner has solutions on how to make it more prominent, we’re open to listening.)

The primary proceeds will go toward the monthly server and domain cost.

If you’re interested in sponsoring the site, please send an e-mail to ksitetv@live.com with “Sponsor” in the headline.

Studios, other websites, businesses who want to extend their reach, and anyone interested are welcome to reach out on a first-come, first-served basis, for an ad to go in a very visible position as seen above. We will, however, have discretion about sponsors – obviously no sites with links to pornography or illegal material will be accepted.

Here are the costs:

KSiteTV.com Sponsorship – $300.00

Includes a “thank you to our sponsor” post as well as the ad, for one month. Additionally, we will share links to your business on our Facebook and Twitter platforms.

Site Network Sponsorship – $500.00

Includes the things mentioned above PLUS placements on the top four KSiteTV Network “fan sites” – GreenArrowTV.com, FlashTVNews.com, KryptonSite.com, and DCLegendsTV.com. (If you are interested in only advertising on one of those sites, please send a message.)

This is a great way to reach a dedicated fan base of people invested in genre television. We look forward to hearing from you!

(Also! If you just want to help the sites and don’t want to do the sponsorship thing, you can contribute via PayPal or check out some of webmaster Craig Byrne’s eBay auctions! Or, feel free to share our articles on social media! Thank you for visiting!)