Supernatural: Trailer For The “Bloodlines” Spin-Off Episode Supernatural: Trailer For The “Bloodlines” Spin-Off Episode
Promo trailer for the Supernatural episode Bloodlines Supernatural: Trailer For The “Bloodlines” Spin-Off Episode

The CW will be giving us our first glimpse into what could be a new show for the 2014-2015 season as the Tuesday, April 29 episode of Supernatural, titled “Bloodlines,” introduces characters who could be spinning off into their own series.

BloodlinesThe trailer for the episode prominently features Lucien Laviscount who plays Ennis, a man who has a personal vendetta against monsters.

“Bloodlines” is one of two possible spin-off series for the fall: The Arrow spin-off Flash starring Grant Gustin seems to have a very good chance of making the schedule.

The CW will be announcing their 2014-2015 schedule on May 15; as we said, Bloodlines will be previewed on Tuesday. Here’s a trailer for the Supernatural episode. Official images can be found here.

Craig Byrne, Editor-In-Chief

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