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Smallville Series Finale – Official Teaser Video

The CW has created a new teaser video for the Smallville series finale, containing some music from John Williams that is just… super.

The trailer first surfaced on EW.com and now an untagged version has made its way online.

The final episode of Smallville airs Friday, May 13. Check out a preview of our interview with Executive Producer Kelly Souders!

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  1. Hearing JW definitely gets me excited for the finale, but I think everyone would agree, that’s NOT the JW theme we all want to hear…

  2. Hearing the theme from Superman The Movie gave me chills!! I’m conflicted though…I’m very excited about the possiblility of seeing Tom in the super suit, but I’m also very sad to see Smallville end :( . Thanks for 10 great seasons! Can’t wait to see the rest of season 10!

  3. Well, which one would you prefer? Star Wars lol?

  4. what Rich might’ve meant was that we rather listen to the Superman theme rather than the “Planet Krypton theme” heard on the trailer.

  5. short clip ,givin so much chills,wonder what the finale scene would do…………….

  6. Season 10 is weak and in my opinion sucks. Hopefully they end it good.

  7. i can’t wait for the potential fight between clark and darkseid it will be epic and then clark finally takes to the skies as superman supersuit and all.

    FINALE WILL BE EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HA HA HAA, DO NOT GET YOUR HOPES UP DUDE!!!