Smallville Season 11 Comic Updates From Wondercon Smallville Season 11 Comic Updates From Wondercon
Bryan Q. Miller appeared at the Wondercon DC Nation panel and talked briefly about the Smallville Season 11 comic. Smallville Season 11 Comic Updates From Wondercon

Smallville comic book writer Bryan Q. Miller just made an appearance at the Wondercon convention in Anaheim, California, talking on the DC Nation panel which was held on Friday.

“Season 11 takes place at the end of the finale, 218 episodes in, so there’s plenty of new stories to tell,” Miller said at the panel. “Season 11 takes place six months after he pushed Apokolips out of orbit, so it’s essentially a Superman: Year One story told with the Smallville family.”

The cover of the second issue was shown, with Lex Luthor.

UPDATE: Miller also talked about what’s up with Lex. “He knows there’s something about Superman that he vehemently just hates and doesn’t trust,” Bryan said. “As for Clark, he’s riding the highest high he’s ever ridden… He’s perpetually engaged to Lois Lane. It’s everybody from the show taking that next mid-twenties step in their lives. They’re trying to figure out their place in the world.”

Miller also mentioned the currently-filming Green Arrow TV pilot Arrow, and said it’s “really cool.” “When it comes out, watch it,” he says.

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