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Smallville “Prophecy” Trailer

Next week is the next-to-last episode of Smallville ever, and here is the trailer.

Who is that sitting at that table? Well, well, here’s a larger screencap which may give us an idea…

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  1. Frankenstein
    Robin hood
    a lawyer
    an eskemo
    deep sea diver

  2. I’m betting Solomon Grundy, Dark Archer, Roulette, Black Manta, Captain Cold & Metallo

  3. I think you are wrong
    my guesses are 100% accurate I have an inside source

  4. @batman – ilyena87 is right with the names your inside source is an idiot.
    but anyway the ep looks like it could be a good pinultimate ep only one more to go to see clark take the last step to becoming the greatest hero the world has ever known

  5. It’s not Solomon Grundy it’s Granny Goodness look at the trailer!

  6. Solomon Grundy is at the table before Granny Goodness’s scene.

  7. who is dark archer?? in the comics the villain archer in black is named merlin.

  8. Merlyn, not Merlin.

    Solomon Grundy, Vordigan, Metallo, Roulette, Captain Cold, Dark (Black) Manta, Toyman, and a seat open for Lex Luthor.