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Smallville: Preview Trailer For “Kent,” “Booster” & The Show’s Final Episodes!

Tonight after the airing of Smallville’s “Scion,” The CW ran a promotional trailer showing what there is to look forward to when the show returns with new episodes on April 15.

Thanks to Revan659, we now have that final trailer!

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  1. Michael desantus

    What it that image at 22 seconds?

  2. Nothing but a ring. :(

  3. I know Booster’s wearing a jacket. I just know it!

  4. Gold Kryptonite – Legion Ring – Clark Luthor – Evil Johnathan Kent

  5. This looks awesome :)

    ONLY 6 episodes LEFT…

    I’m gonna miss this show

  6. i know what you mean, ZmaXcharmvill3. i’m gonna miss the series as well. watched it since the pilot. don’t miss the replaying of that first episode on april 8. and then, the end comes…GO SMALLVILLE!!!

  7. The Scion episode seemed rushed and poorly planned. It reminds me of the last 10 mins of Spider man 3.
    When Conner picks up the tractor he voice trac was waaayy off. Not something you expect from a show that once had the best production on the air. The characters didnt seem themselves at times. It seemed like they had a story they would usually tell in a few episodes but had to tell it fast in one. Lois was not our Lois but more a Teri Hatcher Lois. She wouldve seen the ring and said “If Im going to be your girl, I should wear your ring!” After the fight she is just forgotten. I hope this is not an indication of things to come. I would hate to see the show end poorly.

  8. yep, was rushed, good.. thats because they got lex back for last 2..
    time to rework everything to have a good end.. that means storyline
    is changed,, rush the old out,, get the new ready.. lex = gamechange.

  9. Well with Michael Rosenbaum deciding to come back as the true Lex Luthor we’re all going to get the finale we were hoping for, showing Kal-El with his true nemesis alive and kicking once more.
    That left the duplicate Lex storyline hanging in the air as a washout, they had a couple of choices really. Make it seem that he’s gone on another sudden growth spurt and suddenly become Michael Rosenbaum or like they did, send him off in another direction to become a new character.
    It was a genius idea really, to decide half his DNA was from the El family line and therefore add superboy to the series in the last few episodes. Plus Clark making him enrol in high school and stay in smallville while he grows up sticks to the comic book superboy mythology.
    I admit it seemed like a last minute idea that they crammed in once they discovered they could have their true Lex back but they pulled it of quite nicely in my opinion.
    They could of course never do a Superboy spin off as people keep mentioning or it would just be Smallville seasons 1-3 all over again, with a superhuman in high school fighting freaks of the week.

  10. An9eluS? When you speak of “Superboy”, do you mean the original Clark Kent version, or are you aware of the current version in the comics, Conner Kent? The show hasn’t really done anything fantastic, since Conner Kent in the comics is a clone whose DNA comes equally from Kal-El and Lex Luthor. His Kryptonian name is “Kon-El”. The only difference here is that in the comics he looks just like a young Clark, but on SMALLVILLE he apparently looks like a young Lex, only now with dark hair.

  11. Larkin – I don’t get what An9eluS said that was confusing to you. They are obviously talking about Conner Kent. They are saying there can’t be a Superboy spin-off because it would be identical to Smallville’s early seasons.

  12. pfff give us darkseid omfg

    lex lex lex …stupid season

  13. Its about time they introduce Gold Kryptonite. Thats what it looked like in someone’s hand. Hopefully it is because it would be awesome to see what it does besides stop kryptonians from healing.

  14. I am going to be devastated when Smallville ends, I love most things Superman related and have watched the show since it started. I’ve grown up with it (It started when I was 10) and in my mind Tom Welling will always be Superman to me!

    I hope we get to see Connor again before the end of the show, I loved his introduction in ‘Scion’ and now that he’s living on the Kent farm with Lois and Clark surely he should be in nearly every episode left. (I know this is unlikely though).

  15. (Conner in every episode) if there’s one thing I’ve learn’t from this show is that when something looks too good to be true it probable is,i mean look he wore his geek glass in masquerade and hasn’t worn it since

  16. I have a feeling Smallville will make movies even after the TV series is done anybody else agree?

  17. (TV Movies after series) I think it would be really nice – especially seeing as chloe introduced batman and wonder woman in fortune. But with the new wonder woman series and the new superman franchise coming in 2012 I think the best we can hope for is a cameo or two in blue beetle and HOPEFULLY a green arrow spin off…

    Can anyone tell me – is the wonder woman show at all affiliated with smallville? I.e. is there any chance of a cross over or is it different networks etc?

  18. It looks like Apocalypse has the gold kriptonite in his hand, the legion ring, maybe on John Jones, with the color of his hands and all (not being racist btw, is there any other character in SM whos afro-american and a superheroe?), dont know who the funeral is for though, any ideas?

  19. it looks like a woman statue with people surrounded around it saying so long to the man who made the man of steel who he is today or it is Clark Luther getting rid of his father once and for all

  20. I’m convinced its Jonathan Kent from the alternate reality i mean would he give a damn if it were anybody else(especially LUTHORS) or in that reality it could be MARTHA KENT who die ,who knows???…….

  21. I would love a Smallville movie just to see Tom Welling as Superman some more ;)

    And I think the funeral is of Martha Kent in the Mirror Box world, I reckon her death is caused by Clark Luthor which is why it looks like Jonathan is beating up Clark with Kryptonite, he thinks regular Clark is Mirror Box Clark.

  22. This show has had an impact ,it makes him human .Im goona hate to see this show off the air.

  23. eu acho q sera um episodio incrivel e nao perderei por nada deste mundo. valeu BRASIL

  24. I’ve been watching Smallville since episode 1, the series has lasted longer than one marriage and three girl friends. Some things you look forward to in life and Smallville has been one of them. Not only do I want Clark to put on the suit, I wanna see him fly ( Don’t we all ?) I guess after Smallville ends, I’m gonna find a new girlfriend to fill the gap ! LOL

  25. The funeral i believe is the Oliver Queen/Green Arrow in the alternate reality world