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Smallville “Fortune” Promo Trailer!

Thanks to Revan659, here’s the promo trailer for the Feb. 25 episode of Smallville, which is titled “Fortune.”

Images from the episode can be found at KryptonSite.

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  1. Luv it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Check it out, check it out!
    I think I just peed my pants.

  3. this episode looks awesome!!!! LMAO
    it’s probably gonna be Smallville’s strangest and Funniest episode…i can’t wait for next week.

    WTF @ 0:12 Clark: “Check it out, Check it out” :D

  4. Isn’t funny how bogus posts try to hype up a fail episode?

  5. i was getting a little worried that this episode may just be one of those annoying little fillers, but oh my God, I just fell off my computer chair with laughter.

  6. dont get me wrong i love smallville but have the last 3 eps been riping off movies , there was matrix, date nite and the next ep looks very hangoverish lol

  7. “Check it out, Check it out” UAHSUAHSUAHSUHAU’
    It’s gonna be a funny episode.
    You said: next ep looks very hangoverish lol
    Ok but just beacouse the are some movies with the same plot doesn’t mean that Smallville is copying them.
    who nerver ever drink a lot?kk’

  8. What hell is that on clark shoulder?UAHSUAHUSHAUS’
    lol kk’

  9. Is This The Hangover?
    haha xD

  10. I’m pretty sure that’s a lemur on Clark’s shoulder. And I’m very sure that they aren’t native to Kansas… lmao
    This episode is gonna be amazing!

  11. I’m a smallville fan by heart and I have a couple episodes on my ipod, but this episode looks as if it doesn’t belong. Bits and peices of certain episodes may lead up to clark eventually being Superman, but some things are not meant for a show, especially when you want to make this show the best in the series. There’s still time to correct soe wrongs but this is not an episode for true fans of the red, yellow and blue suit dude.

  12. Check it out! Check it out!

    Clark, we REALLY DID get married!

    *snort* Clark marries Chloe before he marries Lois, LOL! OMG, I hope he shagged the hell out of her, too. Can’t wait for the next episode!

  13. Hahaha, looks like Clark went to Madagascar to get a Lemur. Check it out check it out! Hahahaha, can’t wait!

  14. At least this episode will show off Tom’s comedic side. It looks funny, even if it doesn’t move the Superman storyline along. I don’t like Lois, so it will be doubly funny if he really did marry Chloe first.

  15. hehehe

    Hopefully the fact that Clark marries Chloe will give a good excuse for Lois and Chloe to have a cat fight.


  16. I’m excited for this episode.. But im confused.. I thought Clark couldn’t get drunk.. His body heals to fast for alcohol to effect him i thought… ? Am i wrong? lol

  17. true..but..he’s not immune to magic. I think Zatanna has a hand in this one.

  18. yes I saw on kryptosite that zatanna is behind all this mess
    Will be funny!kk’

  19. and this is why i think its time for smallville to end. or at least for the writers to be fired. this is so far from the source material its sad. this is suppose to be superman? when ur ripping off the hangover its time to for the show to end.

  20. This one will suck!! They have all sucked! I am so sad with smallville what a crap past 3 years!

  21. This season does suck and it is too late for this kinda stuff BUT I bet the episode will be funny. Season nine was awesome have no idea why people hated it so much. At least they was action and a actually story line to follow.