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Revealed: The Title Of The Last-Ever Smallville! “Finale!”

Smallville Series FinaleThe CW announced earlier today that Smallville will end its ten-year run with a two-hour event on May 13, and on our Smallville portal, KryptonSite, we had already revealed through the 20th title of the season.

That left two titles unrevealed, and now, unless there's any change, we can reveal that the last titles of the series will be "Finale, Parts 1 and 2" - and now that they're on one night, it'll be the typical one-word title.... "Finale."

What's on the way? A wedding? Flight? A costume? Michael Rosenbaum? We're looking forward to finding out as much as everyone else is....

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  1. LOL, many people were expecting a more epic name

  2. .............


  3. I guess one can make the argument, that the first episode was "Pilot" so ending with "Finale" makes sense, but that title just comes across as lazy.

  4. Bring it on the WEDDING, SUIT,FLIGHT and LEX.....

  5. I wanted Superman, damnit.

  6. Here's hoping they still haven't decide the name of the episodes, so they are using 'finale' for now.

  7. Um no disrespect for the writers but couldn't they come up with something better than Finale.

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