KSiteTV Podcast, Episode 1: Happy Birthday, Smallville! KSiteTV Podcast, Episode 1: Happy Birthday, Smallville!
In the first episode of the KSiteTV Podcast, we celebrate Smallville's 14th birthday with a special pilot commentary. KSiteTV Podcast, Episode 1: Happy Birthday, Smallville!

We’re trying something a little different from the norm at KSiteTV — finally adventuring into the ubiquitous era of the podcast! And what better to launch The KSiteTV Podcast than by wishing “Happy Birthday” to the show that started us on the journey that led to the formation of this TV website?

This special pilot episode is all about the long-running WB/CW series Smallville, which aired exactly 14 years ago – Tuesday, October 16, 2001 on The WB network. Craig Byrne, Andrea La-Rosa, and Derek B. Gayle delve into the show with a pilot commentary track and general musings about the fandom’s history. Assuming this goes well, we will be doing more podcast episodes in the future, so please leave feedback on what you’d like to hear about.

The episode is available below, and we hope to have YouTube and iTunes links available within the next few days. Click on the act breaks below to skip to a section!

smallvilleposterAct I: “Every Story Has a Beginning…”In a celebration of “firsts,” we reveal our first experiences with Smallville, the secret origin of Kryptonsite – the web’s first Smallville fansite that eventually became the KSiteTV network – and how fandom as a whole has evolved over the past 15 years. Read the Al Gough interview Craig mentions here! (17 minutes)

Act II: “Pilot” Audio CommentaryJoin us in a viewing of the Smallville pilot, as we react to and reminisce about the very first episode of the show. Play this section alongside your own DVD rewatch! (49 minutes)

Act III: 14 Years LaterAlong with our final thoughts on the pilot and show as a whole, we talk about Smallville‘s legacy and how it’s influenced current superhero TV. (11 minutes)

Enjoy, and let us know what you think!

KSiteTV Staff

KSiteTV Staff

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