John Wesley Shipp’s Flash & A Smallville Cameo In Elseworlds Teaser John Wesley Shipp’s Flash & A Smallville Cameo In Elseworlds Teaser
John Wesley Shipp's Flash of Earth-90 and Justin Hartley's Smallville Green Arrow costume appear in a teaser for The CW's Elseworlds crossover event. John Wesley Shipp’s Flash & A Smallville Cameo In Elseworlds Teaser

Another teaser for this year’s Elseworlds crossover event aired during Supergirl tonight, and it features our first look at John Wesley Shipp‘s 1990 Flash in live action movement since his show went off the air in 1990… but that’s not all!

Before we see Shipp’s Flash on Earth-90, about to confront the Monitor, we see dead heroes on the ground. Stargirl, Firestorm, and the helmet of The Ray are spotted… but also, what’s that? The body of Justin Hartley’s Green Arrow from Smallville?

Sure looks like it, doesn’t it? It’s blurry… but it still looks like him. In fact, the light stuff on the side of the hood is there, so we’re going to say it is him. For a reminder of Justin Hartley’s Green Arrow, visit KryptonSite’s gallery for the Smallville episode “Arrow!”

Our thanks to our Super-friend Derek Russell of the Starkville House of El Podcast for catching that and bringing it to our attention.

Anyhow, this year’s crossover event starts Sunday, December 9 on The CW and continues on through December 11. You can find all kinds of coverage of the crossover, including preview images, here at KSiteTV.

Here’s that new teaser:

Craig Byrne, Editor-In-Chief

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  • BBussey

    Dec 2, 2018 #1 Author

    Going through the scene slowly, these are the dead heroes in order of appearance:

    Jesse Quick
    Dr Fate’s helmet
    Captain Cold
    Hawkgirl’s helmet
    Smallville Green Arrow

  • BBussey

    Dec 2, 2018 #2 Author

    The Ray’s helmet, not Dr Fate’s.

  • Jordan Valdes

    Dec 3, 2018 #3 Author

    I completely LOST IT watching this at the end of the Supergirl episode “Bunker Hill” !!!!!!!!! I’m assuming that Smallville Green Arrow shot is the additional Smallville treat that Stephen Amell teased us about in addition to Smallville’s Kent Farm appearing, and it totally lived up to the hype for me as a massive Smallville fanatic, as seeing my favorite Green Arrow again there makes me SUPER happy (even though he’s not in the best state exactly ) !!!!!!!!! I also love that they play the ‘90s The Flash theme at the end (the show went off the air in ‘91, not ‘90, by the way) !

  • Largandsgirl

    Dec 3, 2018 #4 Author

    Cool cool cool

  • Craig Byrne, Editor-In-Chief

    Dec 17, 2018 #5 Author

    Jordan, your enthusiasm is wonderful, but leaving corrections on articles is rude and not appreciated. Cut it out.

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