Sleepy Hollow Spoilers: “Vessel” Images Sleepy Hollow Spoilers: “Vessel” Images
Preview images for the Sleepy Hollow episode titled Vessel Sleepy Hollow Spoilers: “Vessel” Images

111scn33_34pt_1381“Vessel” is the title for the January 13 return episode of Sleepy Hollow, and while the network has yet to release a full official description for the episode, they have released some promotional images so we will have some idea of what we can expect from it.

The photo captions do reveal some spoilers about the episode, though: Ichabod and Abbie “find themselves in trouble;” and just about everyone is searching for answers on the January 13 installment.

As soon as FOX releases a full official description, we’ll post it. For now, enjoy these new images from “Vessel.”


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