Shadowhunters: Titles & Spoilers For February 2017 Episodes Shadowhunters: Titles & Spoilers For February 2017 Episodes
Spoilers for new episodes of Shadowhunters airing on Freeform in February 2017. Shadowhunters: Titles & Spoilers For February 2017 Episodes

Freeform has issued a press release detailing their February 2017 highlights, and that release includes some new spoilers for their hit series Shadowhunters.

“Iron Sisters” is first up on February 6, as Clary and Isabelle make a trip to the elusive Iron Sisters to find out more about Valentine’s plans for the Soul Sword. Photos from that particular episode can be found here on KSiteTV.

The following week, on February 13, we get the Shadowhunters episode titled “How Are Thou Fallen.” In that one, Clary and Luke question whether they can trust Luke’s sister Cleo to lead them to Valentine.

“Love Is a Devil” airs February 20 as Alec and Magnus offer to host a celebration in honor of Max’s first rune.

Finally, the February 27 episode is called “Bound by Blood.” In it, Clary is sidelined by Iris’ blood oath while the Downworld begins to fall apart.

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