Shadowhunters EPs Discuss Season 3B & Leaving The Door Open For More Shadowhunters EPs Discuss Season 3B & Leaving The Door Open For More
Interview with Shadowhunters Executive Producers Todd Slavkin and Darren Swimmer about the series' final episodes on Freeform Shadowhunters EPs Discuss Season 3B & Leaving The Door Open For More

The “final hunt” begins tonight as Shadowhunters begins its last half-season tonight (February 25) on Freeform. The series which is based on The Mortal Instruments book series by Cassandra Clare amassed a huge fan following that took their disappointment of the show’s cancellation toward positive action including fundraisers for the Trevor Project, billboards, airplane banners, and more.

In anticipation of these final 12 episodes, we spoke with Executive Producers Todd Slavkin and Darren Swimmer about the midseason premiere as well as other things we may get to see in the coming weeks. Be aware that some spoilers, including details about the last midseason finale, will be discussed within.

KSITETV’s CRAIG BYRNE: How is everyone dealing with what they perceive as the “death” of Clary?

DARREN SWIMMER: There’s lots of denial, devastation, and especially guilt, and we’ll see how various characters respond to that.

TODD SLAVKIN: Clary was such a fabric of the “family,” so she’s so deeply missed by everyone. And as Darren said, people deal with that grief very differently.

What can you tease about us finally seeing Jonathan in his true form?

SLAVKIN: What’s really interesting is that we get to see Jonathan in his true form, the way that he was born. Will Tudor was playing Sebastian Verlac, but this is Clary’s true brother. He looks like Clary, there are similarities between them, and they share this brother-sister bond. He is a scary villain, but at the same time, I think you’ll really come to understand what he’s all about, and even love him for it.

How is the “Malec” relationship affected by Magnus being powerless, and is Magnus feeling inadequate right now?

SWIMMER: Well, he wouldn’t ever admit that he’s feeling inadequate, but when you’re in a relationship with somebody, you can tell when they’re suffering, and I think Alec is going to see that. It really brings them closer in a big way, but also, it’s hard when people go through big changes of identity and they’re in a relationship, so we’ll see how that affects them too.

When you were picked up for the last episodes to wrap up the series, did you adjust anything that was shot for earlier in the season?

SLAVKIN: Not really. We adjusted the final cut of 320 which was going to be the finale. That episode is amazing. It’s directed by Matt Hastings and written by Bryan Q. Miller, and it’s really fantastic, and that was going to be the finale. It was running a little over, and we were like “what do we cut?” Which we do on every episode, and then when we got this order, we could spread a little bit out more, and fill it out just a tad. It really was great for us, because we got to keep more stuff from 320, and I think it paid off.

Were you surprised by the noise that the fans made when it was announced that the show was ending?

SWIMMER: No. Not at all. There was no indication that it was going to end. We have a fan base that truly loves the show. We were expecting a big reaction. Were we expecting THIS big of a reaction? I think it exceeded even that.

SLAVKIN: We didn’t expect billboards, but we knew the fans were going to be really upset, because we feel and felt at that time that the show had never been better. I think it was a shock to everyone.

Will anything in the series finale be left open-ended for a possible continuation?

SLAVKIN: Absolutely. It was intended that way. We wanted to give it a real finale feel, and that God forbid if this would be the end, it would feel right; but at the same time, if it was to go on, we left the door open for really exciting stuff ahead.

What is something that you will take from your Shadowhunters experience, and being part of this world?

SLAVKIN: As a storyteller, you dream of coming up with stories, and creating drama that’s going to have an impact on fans, and really cause them not just to be entertained, but to look at themselves, and to look at the outside world, and it’s a dream. It’s always been a dream. You know, we’ve done some great shows. We’re so proud of Smallville. We’re really proud of a lot of the shows we’ve been on, but we’ve never been on a show where we feel the audience really feeling deeply moved by the material. To push them to an extent where they’re giving of themselves, and donating to causes, and creating these discussions… it’s been absolutely a blessing, and I think it’s an experience that we will never forget.

Are we finally getting “Sizzy” this year?

SWIMMER: Yes. “Sizzy” fans will not be disappointed.

Will Alec be getting his “love rune?”

SLAVKIN: No comment!

Is there a specific aspect of Season 3B that you haven’t been asked much about that you’d really like to get out there?

SLAVKIN: Jordan doesn’t disappear. He comes back in the show. Chai Hansen does this great job, and it’s a character that really affects Maia. It’s wolf pack politics, and it affects the vampires, and we explore a lot of interesting political stuff with the pack.

Shadowhunters returns TONIGHT (February 25) on Freeform with “Lost Souls.” See some photos from the midseason premiere here!


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