Secret Circle: Screencaps From A “Traitor” Preview Clip Secret Circle: Screencaps From A “Traitor” Preview Clip
Screen captures from a promotional clip for the Secret Circle episode Traitor Secret Circle: Screencaps From A “Traitor” Preview Clip

The clip itself isn’t online yet, but thanks to Mr. Video, we have screen captures from a scene that we’ll be seeing in the Thursday, April 26 episode of the CW series The Secret Circle.

The images feature Thomas Dekker’s Adam, Jessica Parker Kennedy’s Melissa, and a coin. I guess we’ll be learning more about the significance of that coin when the episode airs. It looks like something might be developing between these two… anything to give Jessica Parker Kennedy more screen time is welcome around here.

If you want to talk about the most recent episode — including that fantastic surprise ending! — drop by the KSiteTV Secret Circle forum. For now, though – enjoy the caps!


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