Secret Circle: Screencaps From A “Prom” Preview Clip Secret Circle: Screencaps From A “Prom” Preview Clip
Screen captures from the Secret Circle episode Prom, featuring Gale Harold and Shelley Hennig Secret Circle: Screencaps From A “Prom” Preview Clip

We didn’t get these screen captures from the May 3 episode of The Secret Circle posted earlier in the week, and the clip itself is already online and can be found here, but since Gale Harold seems to have quite a following online, hopefully it’s not too late to share these caps from the TSC episode “Prom.”

The clip features the former “Brian Kinney” alongside his TV daughter — well, maybe not so much on the daughter thing anymore — Shelley Hennig, who plays Diana. Diana’s story has made the last few episodes of The Secret Circle especially interesting, so it’ll be fun to see how her story plays out.

Thanks to Mr. Video for the caps. If you’re reading this on Thursday, that means the new episode airs TONIGHT! The forum to talk about “Prom” can be found here.


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