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L.J. Smith Weighs In On Britt Robertson’s Secret Circle Casting

Britt RobertsonOn her official blog, original Secret Circle author L.J. Smith offered her comments on the recent casting announcement of Britt Robertson as the series lead, Cassie, in The CW pilot based on her novels.

Here’s what she said:

Life Unexpected star Britt Robertson is returning to the CW as the lead of drama pilot Secret Circle. Written by Andrew Miller and Kevin Williamson based on the book series from The Vampire Diaries author L.J. Smith, Secret Circle tells the story of a young woman (Robertson) who moves to a new town and discovers that not only is she a witch and part of a secret coven, but she’s also the key that will unlock a centuries-old battle of good versus evil. Robertson, repped by Innovative and Levine Okwu Erickson, is about to start shooting the feature The First Time.

Britt is a very pretty girl and I think she’ll make a fine Cassie. She’s blond, and I’m not sure how they”re going to distinguish her from Diana (but maybe Diana has already been cut from the story). I’d be rather sad about that. I’m very eager to see the script. In any case, things are getting interesting.

You can read Smith’s full blog entry here.

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  1. Masshuu il Malacandra

    Don’t know anything about the books or the stories, love Britt though. The thing I don’t like is when they so totally change characters say from being a red haired beauty to a brunette or a raven haired beauty to a blond, it really annoys me! Not sure a new ‘CHARMED’ is needed so soon.