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Another Secret Circle Character Detail: Thomas Meade

The CW is currently casting for Secret Circle, based on the books by Vampire Diaries creator L.J. Smith. Now KSiteTV has learned of another role being cast for the pilot by the name of Thomas Meade.

It’s not a lot of information, but it reveals something about this character, who sounds like he may be a bit of a villain in this series.

Thomas doesn’t approve that Ethan Conant, who we’re assuming is a member of one of the families of witches, drinks a lot; and when he drinks a lot, he talks a lot. He confronts Ethan at the Boathouse Bar & Grill and has a rather lethal way of dealing with his displeasure of Ethan’s behavior.

Thomas knows and interacts with Dawn.

@TVDFansOnline speculated on Twitter that he is Diana’s father; considering they seem to share a last name, that’s probably a very good guess. Again, my lack of Secret Circle knowledge is showing. (Sorry!)

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  1. Meade is Diana’s last name in the books so it’s likely her Father. He’s a lawyer in the novels and generally a workaholic. Very little interaction with him. Ethan Sounds like he should be Adam’s brother or father. But he’s not part of the books.