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Andrew Miller On Secret Circle Deviation From The Books

This afternoon we attended a special screening of Thursday’s new Secret Circle, which is titled “Balcoin,” which was followed by a Q&A session with executive producer Andrew Miller and actor Gale Harold (Charles).

We’re working on getting together a longer piece, which will also contain some quotes from Gale Harold, but as a small teaser we’re sharing with you some discussion on deviation from the original Secret Circle source material from the books by L.J. Smith.

Then of course, come back later this afternoon or tonight for more!

Here’s what Miller had to say:

“We’re definitely not trying to get away from the books,” he said. “In a weird way, I think in the next chunk [of episodes] we’re almost embracing the books more. Because we can’t follow the books as a road map, because it’s so different, even just 13 to 6 and all of that stuff. On the horizon of the books are amazing relationships and dynamics that we’re like, ‘okay, good. We’re going to reach for that and go for that and hit that.’ Strangely, Nick is as big a departure as you could ever imagine, but then I think in the next few episodes we’re, in a weird way, going closer to the books than we have in the past.”

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