Salem Season 2 Concludes Tonight With “The Witching Hour” Salem Season 2 Concludes Tonight With “The Witching Hour”
Details about the Salem Season 2 finale, titled The Witching Hour Salem Season 2 Concludes Tonight With “The Witching Hour”

The Season 2 finale of Salem airs tonight (June 28) at 10PM on WGN America.

Salem-The-Witching-Hour-Season-2-Finale-2015-8-599x400The episode is called “The Witching Hour” and here is how they describe it:

With her mission seemingly accomplished, the Countess Marburg revels in the apparent completion of her plans, unaware that the object of her devotion has desires which may be in direct conflict to hers. And one of her most trusted allies grows increasingly weary of the Countess’s treatment, leading to an unexpected act of defiance. Emotionally drained by recent events, an all-but-defeated Mary stages a last-ditch effort against the Countess. Meanwhile, John is visited by a pair of unexpected allies who deliver a fateful message; Mercy comes to learn a stark reality, leaving her to face an uncertain future; an unrepentant and increasingly powerful Anne faces the personal consequences of her duplicitous actions, leading her down an even darker path; and when Cotton learns an unwelcome truth, his reaction is initially mixed, until a startling confession strengthens his resolve… but it may already be too late.


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