Ariela Barer Interview: From One Day at a Time to Runaways Ariela Barer Interview: From One Day at a Time to Runaways
Interview with Ariela Barer of Marvel's Runaways. Ariela Barer Interview: From One Day at a Time to Runaways

Marvel’s Runaways is heading to Hulu on November 21, and the adaptation of the well-loved comic book created by Brian K. Vaughan (Saga) is being brought to life by the Fake Empire team of Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage.

Playing fan favorite character Gert is Ariela Barer, who fans of the Netflix series One Day at a Time might recognize as the scene-stealing “Carmen” from the show’s first season. TV Gert has a similar look, so of course we had to ask about the familiarity when we spoke to Ms. Barer in the scrum at Hulu’s TCA press day.

KSITETV’s CRAIG BYRNE: In getting this role, was your character and look on One Day at a Time that may have inspired them to cast you?

ARIELA BARER: I think, honestly, it was, because I originally auditioned for Molly, actually, because she’s the only one in the breakdown that said Latina. So I just went in, but then meeting me, they were like “I think you’re very much this girl.” We met, and it was pretty much a sure thing, and then the last thing they asked for was “can you send us your scenes from One Day at a Time?” That was the very last thing right before I heard I booked it.

Did you return for One Day at a Time Season 2 at all?

That’s in the works. The schedules are very overlapped, but we’re working very hard at it. They’re my family; I love ’em.

Since you’re probably not allowed to confirm, can you give me a non-answer about whether or not we’ll see Old Lace? (Note: This chat happened before we talked to Josh Schwartz)

I’ve got the perfect non-answer for you: “You won’t be disappointed,” and you can write that I winked.

Finally, the comics (SPOILER WARNING) killed off Gert at one point. I hear they’re bringing her back. Does that excite you?

I was so excited, because honestly, I read the comics, but I stopped after the second volume, because I was like “what’s the point,” you know? But now I have reason to return, and I’ve gotta catch up!

Had you known about the Runaways before getting this role?

I knew about the characters, and I really liked them, and I always hoped it would be a show, just because I wanted to be part of the Marvel world for a while. [When getting the role] I went and I bought the comics… I think I’ve read at least the first two volumes five times each.

Marvel’s Runaways arrives on Hulu November 21.


Craig Byrne, Editor-In-Chief

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