Syfy is teaming with No Ordinary Family and Fringe veterans to create a live-action Booster Gold television series.

I had a feeling some new comics-TV news was on its way…

THR reports Warner Horizon Television is going work with Greg Berlanti’s Berlanti Productions and Fringe’s Andrew Kreisberg (who will write the script) to bring the DC Comics character of Booster Gold to a one-hour drama series being proposed for the Syfy cable network.

Right now, the cable network has only ordered a pilot script.

Booster Gold is a character who was selfish and self-serving in the future, where he stole a fantastic suit and traveled back in time, hoping to be the world’s greatest hero. When he gets to the present day, he learns that there’s more to being a hero than fame and fortune.

Eric Martsolf played the role of Booster Gold in a Season 10 episode of Smallville… one of the best casting jobs of the entire series. It is likely they will go a different route with Booster and do their own thing, though I’d watch an Eric Martsolf Booster series in an instant.

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Craig Byrne, Editor-In-Chief

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