Rizzoli & Isles Videos: The Cast Previews Episode 100 Rizzoli & Isles Videos: The Cast Previews Episode 100
Interviews with the Rizzoli & Isles cast on the red carpet celebrating the TV series' 100th episode which airs tonight on TNT Rizzoli & Isles Videos: The Cast Previews Episode 100

The 100th episode of Rizzoli & Isles airs tonight on TNT and we have several interviews with the show’s cast to promote it!

First up, we have series leads Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander… you can read transcripts of what they had to say here (Angie) and here (Sasha).

Then, guest star Gregory Harrison talks about what has made his R&I different than any role he had played before (and whether or not he’s a better doctor than Trapper John M.D.’s Gonzo).

We tried to get Tina Huang to tell us whether or not she, as a character who has been killed off, might come back for Episode 100 or the series finale.

Bruce McGill speaks of his seven-year Rizzoli & Isles experience, and we may have even got him to talk about the new version of MacGyver that is coming on.

Adam Sinclair talks about joining such a popular show late in its run.

For Jordan Bridges, we are finally going to see “Frankie Jr.” becoming “Frank,” and he talks about that. He might even be getting his own desk!

And then finally, Sharon Lawrence praises Sasha Alexander but also talks about another former co-star of hers that she’s been able to work with again on the TNT series.

You can watch all of the videos below. Enjoy, and don’t miss the 100th episode of Rizzoli & Isles TONIGHT (July 25) at 9PM ET/PT on TNT!


Craig Byrne, Editor-In-Chief

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