KJ Apa: The Riverdale Finale “Changes Everything” For ArchieKJ Apa: The Riverdale Finale “Changes Everything” For Archie
KJ Apa of The CW's Riverdale talks about his favorite moment in the season finale. KJ Apa: The Riverdale Finale “Changes Everything” For Archie

Jason Blossom’s killer has been revealed but The CW’s Riverdale may have another trick up their sleeves!

KSiteTV spoke with actor KJ Apa at the recent PaleyLive event for Riverdale and asked him about his favorite moment from the finale… something that, at first, he said he can’t tell us about.

“I can’t tell you that, can I?” Apa teased. “I can’t tell you what happens! Because my favorite part that happens is the part of the whole thing. All I can say is that that certain moment changes everything for Archie,” he said ominously.

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We also asked Apa if Archie can settle down on just one girl… and unlike his comic book counterpart, he has an answer. You can watch video from the interview below; more Riverdale interviews can be found at our KSiteTV YouTube channel.

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