The Archie Digest Podcast discusses the NBC TV-movie "To Riverdale and Back Again" Archie Digest Throwback: “To Riverdale and Back Again”

Since Riverdale isn’t back until March 30 (see some preview images from the episode here), but we still wanted the excuse to do a podcast this week, the March 16 installment of Archie Digest: A Riverdale Podcast is a “Special Edition” where we go back in time 27 years to revisit a NBC TV-movie that first aired on May 6, 1990.

That TV movie was called “To Riverdale and Back Again,” and it featured Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, and Reggie as adults attending their high school reunion. Sadly, there’s no Cheryl Blossom; no Kevin or Josie, either. What it is, though, is kind of a mess.

Christopher Rich played Archie Andrews in this TV classic, with Lauren Holly as Betty and Karen Kopins as Veronica. Gary Kroeger played the scheming Reggie, Governor Gatling from Benson is Hiram Lodge, Charlie’s Angels’ Bosley is Mr. Weatherbee, and the late Sam Whipple is Jughead who has a really irritating kid… and somewhere along the line, no one can decide if the owner of the diner is “Pop” or “Pops.” (Also, is Pop’s the same location as Luke’s diner from Gilmore Girls?)

Anyway, spoiler warning: We didn’t really like it, but we do also talk about Riverdale some, and we do talk about something new that we’ll be doing to promote the podcast. (Hint: #SheriffKiller). As always, your hosts this week are Chris Hayner (ScreenerTV), Russ Burlingame (ComicBook), and Craig Byrne (KSiteTV) and the editing is all thanks to Mr. Burlingame.

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