Archie Digest Riverdale Podcast #8: “The Outsiders” Archie Digest Riverdale Podcast #8: “The Outsiders”
In this week's episode of Archie Digest: A Riverdale Podcast, we discuss "Chapter Eight: The Outsiders." Archie Digest Riverdale Podcast #8: “The Outsiders”

We may be down at WonderCon but that didn’t stop us from producing a new episode of Archie Digest: A Riverdale Podcast!

This week’s episode is a few days later than usual as we didn’t get to see “Chapter Eight: The Outsiders” early, so there was no way to post on Thursday night. Hopefully the delay is worthwhile. On the bright side, we recorded this one while some of our favorite listeners were tweeting in with their questions! As a bonus, this podcast was recorded almost immediately after the Riverdale panel at WonderCon – so Craig and Chris talk a bit about what they saw. (Spoiler: There was a reason Ashleigh Murray called Luke Perry “Mr. Grundy,” and Cole Sprouse was quick to answer the “Betty or Veronica” question!)

As always, your hosts this week are Chris Hayner (ScreenerTV), Russ Burlingame (ComicBook), and Craig Byrne (KSiteTV) and the editing is all thanks to Mr. Burlingame.

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